Sunday, April 2, 2017

Thoughts on General Conference April 2017

I figured for this conferance I'd just dump all my notes on youse guyse at once and let you sort it all out.

Saturday Morning

"Gathering the Family of God"
President Henry B. Eyring

Use the light of Christ to make your choices.

His Daily Guiding Hand
M. Joseph Brough

Repentance isn't punishment, it's a privilege.

The Plan of Salvation
Elder Weatherford T. Clayton

The plan of salvation.
We will never be alone in our infirmities.

Our Good Shepherd
Elder Dale G. Renlund

Christ isn't disgusted by our sins.

Confide in God Unwaveringly
Elder Ulisses Soares

If your faith isn't in God and Christ you're gonna have a bad time.

Brighter and Brighter until the Perfect Day
Elder Mark A. Bragg

Places where we will always have light;

  • The Church
  • The Gospel
  • Christ

Drawing the Power of Jesus Christ into Our Lives
President Russell M. Nelson

The atonement is not independent of God and Christ.
Speak up and be different. (Be weird ya weirdo!)

Saturday Afternoon

Becoming a Disciple of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Elder Robert D. Hales

Discipleship is a state of being.
We can't (shouldn't) be selectively obedient.

Songs Sung and Unsung
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Jesus listening can hear the songs you cannon sing.
Stand close to Christ to gain confidence.
It take all kinds.
Sing the gospel lyrics in your own way.
Care for the poor.
Care for all.
(Again, be weird ya weirdo!)

Stand Up Inside and Be All In
Elder Gary B. Sabin

Vain jangling is the world.
Be all in.

The Language of the Gospel
Elder Valeri V. Cordón

Teach the gospel in the home.
Scripture study.

Overcoming the World
Elder Neil L. Andersen

It is possible to overcome the world.

Return and Receive
Elder M. Russell Ballard

A goal is a destination.
A plan is the rout to get there.


Kindness, Charity, and Love
President Thomas S. Monson

Kindness, charity, we're for 'em.

Called to the Work
Elder David A. Bednar

Missionaries are called to serve, the place doesn't matter.
Be worthy. stay worthy.

Prepare the Way
Bishop Gérald Caussé

Use the priesthood to serve.

The Greatest among You
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

You can't get honor in heaven by campaigning for it.
The best calling in the church is the one you have.

“Walk with Me”
President Henry B. Eyring

The priesthood is an invitation to walk with Christ

Sunday Morning

The Power of the Book of Mormon
President Thomas S. Monson

Read the BoM daily.

A Sin-Resistant Generation
Joy D. Jones

For parents.
Live with true integrity.
Being sin-resistant.

Don’t Look Around, Look Up!
Elder Yoon Hwan Choi

Don't be the weak link.
Always look up.
Drink rain*
*don't drink polluted rain.

Let the Holy Spirit Guide
Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Lay aside the things of this world and seek out the things of a better world.
Recognize the spirit when it comes.
Listen to the still small voice.
Act on the first prompting.

Whatsoever He Saith unto You, Do It
Elder L. Whitney Clayton

The small and simple things make big changes.
OK, I get it! I need to do daily scripture study.

The Godhead and the Plan of Salvation
Elder Dallin H. Oaks

The Creator
The Redeemer
The Testator/Witness

Father = love
Jesus = mercy
Holy Ghost = fellowship

Seek the holy ghost.
Know God's law and follow it.

Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Less fear.
Fear will never transform us.
It leads to mistrust.
God doesn't want us to be afraid or cause fear.
The love of Christ overcomes fear.
There is no fear in Christ's love.

Sunday Afternoon

The Voice of Warning
Elder D. Todd Christofferson

God does not wish us to die. So he sends us warnings.
We should warn our neighbor.
Warn and show the joy of righteousness

To the Friends and Investigators of the Church
Elder Joaquin E. Costa

Take the missionaries seriously.
Attend church.
Read the scriptures.

Then Jesus Beholding Him Loved Him
Elder S. Mark Palmer

See the disobedient as God sees them.
1. Learn to see others as God sees them.
2. Fear and anger change nothing.
3. Keep loving others.
4. An invitation to repent is an invitation to be happy.

How Does the Holy Ghost Help You?
Elder Gary E. Stevenson

The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead.
The Holy Ghost has a spiritual body.
it comes through laying on of hands.
Stay close to the Spirit and the Spirit will stay close to you.

And This Is Life Eternal
Elder C. Scott Grow

We can begin to know God through prayer
Scripture study.

That Our Light May Be a Standard for the Nations
Elder Benjamín De Hoyos

Being a light.
Teaching as the Savior taught.
Show the Savior's light.

Foundations of Faith
Elder Quentin L. Cook

There is no substitution to the Gospel.
Life takes work in all ways.
We receive strength according to our faith.

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